Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Excursion Focus Questions:
1) At the beginning of Outfoxed, they talk about politics and media. They introduce it through Godfather references.
2) We get the impression that they are obnoxious and very opinionated. The way they present the tv program makes it feel like they only care about what they care about and nothing else.
3) The purpose of the documentary is to show you how Fox is bias, however, throughout the whole documentary it is bias against Fox.
4) The intended audience from my observations would be people with the same view as the tv show hosts, station, of company of Fox.
5) Outfoxed is saying we live in a bias society, they demonstrate this through the bias that Fox represents.
6) Outfoxed uses harsh dialogue like, "shut up," over talk people and cut off microphones. They do this to intimidate the other speaks so that the only opinion expressed is the one of Fox.
Outfoxed uses sound and dramatic music to make things more important.
They also use moving animations to draw attention and make it look important.
7) I think this documentary is so popular because the bias are easily detected within Fox news, and since Fox news is such a large influence upon their audience, the documentary gives an interesting view of another interpretation of Fox news.
10) Outfoxed was based upon the tv show Fox, and their popularity. The documentary was about the people who invented this show and how bias they are towards subjects expressed, and how rude and horrible they are to the "guest" speakers they have on their show (who may express a different point of view than Fox). The documentary showed examples of how if Fox didn't agree with what a person was saying they would "mislead" the public about the person and give them a bad name. It also explored how if people who worked at Fox didn't agree with Fox's views, they could have possibly lost their jobs, especially if they expressed their own views on the subject.
Personally, I found the documentary dry at points (to the point that I fell asleep even though I didn't mean too).

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